Why Advertise On Facebook? – 7 “Indispensable” Reasons You Must Never Overlook

Why Advertise On Facebook???

What’s the big deal? What’s the big fuss? Why is everyone constantly raving about Facebook advertising? There are tons of reasons why.

In this post, we’ll be highlighting 7 “Indispensable” reasons that answers your question “Why advertise on Facebook?

Times have drastically changed. What worked 20 years ago in terms of marketing most likely will not work today. There are more effective, efficient and smarter ways to do things. Thanks to technology, we are able to reach out to a targeted audience, build relationships and get more sales.

Why Advertise On Facebook?

7 Key Reasons That Will Help Build A Solid & Stable Foundation For Your Business

1.) It’s where most of the world hang out.

There’s no other community in the world as big as Facebook. It’s where most of the people in the world hang out. Check out the image below:

As you can see there’s actually over 1.75 Billion active users (Facebook’s quarterly results. Posted on July 27) between Facebook and Instagram alone. That’s a massive pool of people that you can reach as long as you’re running Facebook ads. There’s no other community out there with an opportunity like this. So if there’s any place that you should be building a presence on, it’s definitely Facebook and/or Instagram.

Whoever your target audience is, I guarantee you a large number of them are already on Facebook and/or Instagram. All you have to do is to take the plunge and start running Facebook ads.

2. Insane Targeting Features

Part of the reasons why Facebook is the world’s top advertising platform is because of its’ insane targeting features and capabilities. There’s no advertising platform out there that’s more robust and complete than what Facebook has to offer. Check out the image below:

FB Ads dashboard

As you can see, Facebook targeting has a lot to offer. You can target specific locations, age groups, genders, languages spoken, demographics, interests and behaviors (including purchase behaviors & buying habits). As you get a better understanding with Facebook ads, there are more advanced features that you can dive into like “Custom Audiences” and “Look-A-Like Audiences”.

When starting out, it’s always a good practice to start out with precise targeting where you laser-target a niche and advertise to that audience. That means, if you’re selling the world’s best steak, make sure you’re literally targeting steak lovers. Maybe you can even target restaurants that are famous for their steaks. The last thing you want is to target and sell your steak to vegetarians. That’s a waste of time, money and effort; wouldn’t you agree?

3. Flexible Budgeting

Why advertise on Facebook? Because Facebook offers flexible budgeting. You don’t need a lot of money at the beginning for Facebook ads. You can start with as little as $5/day and get your message or Call To Action in front of extremely targeted people. Typically, $5 will get your stuff shown to around 850 people per day. That’s not bad considering it’s a targeted audience and the chance of getting a solid ROI from that campaign.

As you move forward and see what works and what doesn’t, you’ll be able to double down on the ads that have momentum. You can scale up your budget from $5/day to $10/day and so on. Obviously, you’ll only start scaling only if you start getting noticeable results.

The beauty here is that even if you start small, you will see results. Start small, track results and scale up.

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4. Lead Generation/Loyalty

why advertise on facebookThe world is centered around social media. Look around you and you’ll most likely see a bunch of people looking down at their phones, taking pictures and interacting on social media. It’s turned into a massive community full of different passions. There’s a group/community for dog lovers, cat lovers, veterans, nurses, video game lovers, car lovers, etc. The list literally goes on and on.

If you have something of value to offer a specific passion/niche, then you will be able to generate the highest quality leads possible and at the same time, create a loyal following. As you run ads, you’ll be able to get email subscribers (That’s the main goal). As you get email subscribers, you’ll also get page likes, post likes, comments and shares. It’s a full on engagement circle where you the producer can interact with the consumer. Once done right, this will help establish a powerful brand online full of loyal followers.

With the proper email marketing campaigns in place, you can definitely expect conversions. People will join/buy into a service/product that resonates with them and actually helps improve their lives. Be creative with your lead generation campaigns. The more creative you are, the more you’ll be able to innovate different solutions and campaigns that will further benefit your business.

5. ROI Optimization

why advertise on facebookWhy advertise on Facebook? Because their platform allows you to breakdown your stats and literally be able to see what converts best. You’ll see: the age group, gender, location, placement and device that converts best. So instead of spreading your money among different groups where some convert well and some don’t, by breaking down your stats, you’ll see where you get most of your money from.

From that data, you’ll be able to create a brand new ad where everything is the same. The same image and ad copy. The only difference is the group of people being targeted. So let’s say ages 18-24 outperform all age groups, then focus all your money on 18-24. Same thing applies for gender, location and placement device. By carefully analyzing and tracking your results, you’ll be able to do what we like to call “ROI Squeeze” where you squeeze the ROI out of your ads by laser-targeting only the people who interact, engage and buy from you. Sounds awesome, right?

6. Remarketing

Have you ever clicked on a Facebook ad, close the page and all of a sudden see the same ad everywhere you go? That’s what you call remarketing. Talk about some stealth ninja tactics. You’re able to remarket to people who initially showed interest but left the page. They could have left for different reasons: someone called on their phone, they have an appointment to get to, their break just ended, etc.

By remarketing, you’ll get another chance to market to someone who left your previous website/landing page. This allows you to increase engagements, conversions and get a more solid ROI back. It’s absolutely crazy to not advertise on Facebook but it’s even crazier if you’re not maximizing remarketing to it’s fullest potential.

7. Organic Reach Is Getting Harder To Get

At the end of the day, Facebook is a business. They want to make money. That means in order to get your content seen, even to people who have already liked your page, you need to pay for it. Organic reach is getting harder and harder to get. In fact, less than 2% and it’s declining each day. That alone paints a big picture on why you should be advertising on Facebook.

Why advertise on Facebook? You’ve now got 7 powerful reasons why.

Conclusion: If you want your business to get seen by potential prospects, then you absolutely need to spend money on Facebook ads. You don’t need a huge budget upfront. You can start small and slowly scale up. This is a powerful way to create awareness, engagement and get more sales. It’s absolutely necessary to advertise on Facebook for your business to survive in today’s world.

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  1. I agree. I think Facebook is the best advertising platform available at the moment. You can get your message out to more people, who are more targeted, for less money than any other advertising platform. You guys should consider writing a follow-up article covering the importance of LANDING PAGES in making paid advertising initiatives even more effective! Keep up the great work!

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