Bruce Raymond Wright Exclusive Interview

Bruce Raymond Wright & Dr. David Gruder Exclusive Interview

What is transcendental thinking?

A huge part of Bruce Raymond Wright & Dr. David Gruder’s work focuses on transcendental thinking. So what is it? Transcendental thinking is when you have a clear distinction on what separates you from everyone else. Whatever it is you offer: a product, service, idea or your identity itself, you have to be creative and innovative on how you can stand out from everyone else. It takes being able to relay and share your ideas and put them into powerful words that transition and inspire action. By having strong and effective leadership skills, one is able to transcend into a whole new level of thinking and habit and be able to effectively spread that positive force.

It isn’t always easy to achieve, but it’s definitely worth it. Consider transcendental thinking an inward journey that slowly moves its way out. It can literally transform not only a person’s life, but an entire organization as well.

Check out our exclusive interview with Bruce Raymond Wright & Dr. David Gruder…

…and learn how you and your company can stand out and work to reach the ‘next level’.

About Bruce Raymond Wright

Bruce Raymond Wright is an accomplished innovator and book author with over 27 years of experience in the world of finance. He is currently the Founder/CEO of Macro Strategic Design Inc. His unique expertise allows him to continually provide in-depth insights on critical areas of life such as: business, finance and fiduciary matters. He brings immense value to various companies by bringing to light complex issues that most individuals and companies face now and in the future.

He developed a cutting-edge system called “Macro Strategic Planning” which helps clients overcome obstacles and maximize an opportunity’s potential. He has written books, workbooks, articles, blogs, training courses and Macro Strategic Plans which are geared towards optimizing personal and business performance.

His latest book, Transcendent Thought and Market Leadership 1.0: How to Lead Any Profession, Anywhere in the World, dives into the human mind where people learn how to think and act in ways that allow an individual to stand out and innovate their way out of common challenges and obstacles. This 270 page book is quickly being integrated into MBA courses at prestigious colleges and universities from all over the world. This book clearly shares concepts, principles and strategies that allow people to rise above mediocrity and into the world of the extraordinary.

Learn more about Bruce Raymond Wright and his works here.

About Dr. David Gruder

Dr. David Gruder is an accomplished speaker, author, trainer and adviser with over 43 years of experience. His website shares how his unique expertise allowed him to create various programs spreading over 100 different topics. He’s been able to deliver keynotes and training programs in seven different countries on three different continents.

Dr. David specializes in transforming values and turning them into extremely profitable skills. His work has won awards on: politics, social change, business, leadership, health & wellness, mental health, psychology and self-help.

In 2008, he was dubbed as America’s Integrity Expert by radio and television networks. In addition to his hundreds of media interviews, he has been featured 15 times and counting in Forbes and has spoken at a TEDx event in Encinitas. All of this was made possible due to his skill of breaking down complex concepts into something more practical and simple.

He is the Psychology editor for Bruce Raymond Wright’s latest book, Transcendent Thought and Market Leadership 1.0: How to Lead Any Profession.

Learn more about Dr. David Gruder’s works here.

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