How To Raise Money Online – 9 Ways To Raise Money From Strangers

Searching for ways on how to raise money online?

One of the biggest challenges people and businesses face is the lack of funding. It stunts growth and most times increase the odds of failure. Not having funds in place can create scarcity. You’re not able to invest in the necessities and have the resources that promote growth. You’re about to learn how to raise money online by connecting and getting support from strangers.

We’re not always aware of it, but a lot of the things we need in life is readily available to us. As Tony Robbins says best “It’s not resources but resourcefulness that ultimately makes the difference.” Whatever it is we need in life, we need to be resourceful enough to go out and get it. It’s not an easy journey but the hustle usually does pay off. People and even companies are learning how to raise money online by reaching out and asking for support to people that resonate with their cause. You’ve probably heard the term crowdfunding before. That’s when people gather around and support a cause they believe in by donating money. You’re about to learn the same thing. Ready?

How To Raise Money Online – How Strangers Can Support Your Goals

1.) Set Your Goals

This step is very important. It’s always a good idea to see the whole staircase. By setting goals, you’ll know exactly what you need to achieve in order to call your crowdfunding campaign a success. By having a clear vision, you’ll be able to set action plans and set realistic expectations. You’ll also be able to set a time frame for your campaign. If you’d like a quick and easy alternative to get funding for your business, click here to learn more on how we can help you out.

2.) Know Your Target

This step is absolutely important. You want to hit your exact target market because if you don’t, then you most likely won’t get a lot of support.

For example, if you want to start your own restaurant with the goal of serving the world’s best steak, you can’t be sharing your campaigns to vegetarians. They simply won’t support you and you’ll create a set of angry people in the process.

By knowing exactly who your market is, you’re able to speak to them directly. You’re able to address their needs, wants and provide solutions through your campaign’s message. Keep in mind, the more supporters your crowdfunding campaign gets, the more money you raise in the process. In addition, you’re also able to gain valuable followers.

3. Choose A Platform

how to raise money onlineThis step is equally as important as knowing your target market. Why? Because you want to have visibility at sites where your market supports most.

Here are some platforms to consider:

Creativity/Inventions/Solutions – and

Business Startups – and

Social/Environment Projects –

Non-profits – and

By having a presence in a website where you know your audience is at, you immediately have a better and stronger chance of finding people to support your cause/project.

4. Be Organized

If you want to learn how to raise money online, you first have to know how to stay organized. You need to track who supports your project/cause, keep track of expenses and money raised. There are literally tons of things to keep track of. By staying organized in your daily operations, you’re able to see clearly how things are moving. You’ll see the type of people that support the project/cause most, how many rewards need to be sent out and reciprocated, etc.

If you’re all over the place, then the same will happen to your campaign. If you’re not organized enough, it could hurt your campaign’s success. Stay on top of things and make sure everything is in place. You can click here and we will work on securing funds for your business.

5. Be Creative & Resourceful

how to raise money onlineThink of ways on how you can stand out from everyone else’s campaign. Spend some time in places that give you peace and relaxation so that your creative energy starts flowing freely. Be creative and resourceful with your campaign. That means, you have a unique way of rewarding supporters and an effective message in place that is compelling enough for people to pay attention to and support.

It’s important to keep in mind that people these days have very short attention spans. There’s literally information overload. Some people will check out your stuff and some people will scroll past it. Think of different ways wherein it makes it extremely difficult for people to not check out your campaign. Ever experienced scrolling past something then you scroll back up because at the back of your mind you’re thinking “This is interesting. I should check it out.” Focus on how you can have that same effect for your campaigns.

6. Think Of Ways On How You Can Give Back

At the end of the day, everything you’ve achieved or looking to achieve is only possible with the support of other people. Your campaign should be focused on them and how your product/service/cause can help benefit those people who support. If you give enough, eventually you will receive in return.

By helping other people, you’re also helping yourself. By lifting other people up, you’re also lifting yourself up. It’s a part of the process. Certain actions will create different reactions. Be a giving person. Nothing but good things will come out of it.

7. Spread The Word

Just by having your campaign all set up, it doesn’t mean the work stops. In fact, the work should speed up. Now it’s time to start spreading the word about your campaign. You can consider this as marketing. A lot of effort should be put into spreading the word about your crowdfunding campaign. You can set up social media pages, send out emails and reach out to influencers, ask friends and family to help spread the word or even spend a little money on Facebook Advertising.

The main goal here is to spread awareness and get more people to see and support your cause.

8. Have A Clear Plan & Purpose For Funds Gained

how to raise money onlineAlways keep people updated and well-informed. They are giving you their hard earned money. Give them a clear vision and plan on how it will be spent and what it will be spent on. By doing so, you’ll be able to gain trust and even  more supporters. You’ll show that there’s nothing to hide and that you are extremely passionate at achieving your goals for this campaign.

9. Always Be Thankful

No matter what happens, whether you reach your goal or not, you should always express gratitude and make sure the people feel it. Nothing is ever possible without the support of other people. If you’re not able to reach your goal, then make it a point to thank the people who supported you. If you did reach your goal, then make sure your gratitude radiates through every single person that decided to get involved in your project/cause.

Conclusion: Knowing how to raise money online effectively is a powerful skill. It’s not rocket-science. The key here is knowing how to get more people involved in the process, create excitement and engagement. Test things out, keep track of your results, give back, stay organized and spread awareness.

Now you know how to raise money online by using crowdfunding sites.

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  1. Each of your points is spot-on as always. I would suggest that an additional point could be to Act Like a Winner. People are attracted to winners. If you present yourself as being desperate, you’re dead. No one wants to contribute to the “this is my last ditch effort before I go bankrupt” cause. Desperation repels capital. Present yourself with confidence … like they are catching you on your way up and they are a part of a winning ride.

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