Choosing the Right Commission Advance Company

Working in real estate has many perks, but the biggest headaches can be having to wait on your commission for a sale well after you have done most of the work. Save your financial strain by considering a commission advance before the transaction closes.
Below are some of the most popular commission advance companies available to realtors:

  1. Express Cash Flow – Residential and commercial commission advances for agents and brokers.  Up to $100,000 on transactions under contract.  Express Cash Flow requires 5 active listings on the MLS to qualify for a listing advance.
  2. eCommission – Residential commission advances only up to $15,000.
  3. Residential Advance – Residential commission advances only up to $25,000.
  4. Commission Express – This is a franchise model so in every metro area you will be dealing with a different owner and slightly different underwriting criteria.
  5. Real Commission – They advertise low rates but it’s extremely hard to qualify and the transaction must close quickly.

And before setting out to get your commission advance, make sure you’ve done enough research. Check out the well-written guideline from our friends here: 7 Things You Should Consider When Choosing The Right Commission Advance

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