How to Increase Website Traffic – 3 Key Strategies That Will Transform Your Business

Searching for ways on how to increase website traffic?

Odds are, you’re online searching for ways on how to increase website traffic and massively scale your business. The internet plays a huge role in today’s businesses. 30 years ago, people had to rely on creative offline strategies to get results. These days, with a few strategic moves, a business can easily get massive exposure. By implementing very specific online marketing strategies, a business will be able to generate traffic, leads and get more sales.

In today’s post, we will be diving into the 3 types of traffic generation methods that if used correctly, will sky-rocket your results. If you’re anxious and excited to learn how to increase website traffic, well you’ve come to the right place. Let’s start diving into it.

How To Increase Website Traffic: The 3 Core Steps

1. Intent Traffic

how to increase website trafficAccording to Merriam-Webster, the word “intent” means purpose or objective. With that said, it means that this type of traffic involves people going online with a specific purpose and/or objective and searching for solutions/information on search engines like Google. In short, these people know exactly what they’re looking for.

For this strategy, content creation plays a huge role. If your company is not actively creating content, then you’re slowly getting buried in the online world. High quality content helps you stand out. It’s also the main channel for you to communicate and deliver value to your customers and/or followers. Without content, you have lesser chances on getting found.

The best thing to do is to search for common issues and/or challenges in your niche. Look into forums, social media groups or maybe even live events. Get to know who your target market is. Once you find a common issue people are facing, study and brainstorm for possible solutions. Read books if you have to. The more you know, the better.

Next step is to wrap your solution around your content. I would highly recommend you re-purpose your content. That means for 1 topic you would have it as a: video, audio, PDF File (upload to sites like and a blog post. Think of your content as online real estate. The more content you put out, the more online real estate you own.

The best thing to do here is head on over to Google’s Keyword Planner tool (FREE TOOL) and search for long tail keywords. You can find some great tips on long-tail keywords here. Long-tail keywords are ultra-specific phrases people use to search for things on social media. Generally these keywords get less traffic compared to broad keywords however long-tail keywords have less competition which means you’ll be able to rank quicker and easier compared to broad keywords where you literally have hundreds and millions of other people as competition. A good example of a long-tail keyword is “How to teach your dog cool tricks”. That keyword is definitely easier to rank for compared to dog tricks. Long-tail keywords are a lot more targeted which means if you deliver high quality content that’s relevant to the person searching, your bounce rate will likely drop and conversions will increase.

2. Non-Intent Traffic

We see and experience non-intent traffic all day everyday. These are banner ads, PPC ads (Facebook being the king of PPC), ads on YouTube, etc. From the word “non-intent” alone, you already know that this is traffic that just happens. It’s not something we’re actively searching for however it’s still something that can light a spark in our minds and allow us to take action.

Most of the time, people don’t even know they want something until they see it. Have you ever experienced buying something from a FB ad out of the blue with no prior desire or knowledge about that product and/or service? If yes, then it’s because the ad speaks to you. It’s something you’re passionate about.

The more you know your audience, the deeper you’ll be able to speak to their needs, concerns and desires. The more connected your ads are to your audience, the higher your conversions.

Bottomline, Facebook is the king of non-intent traffic. It’s the most sophisticated and complete PPC ad platform to date. With over 1.75 billion active users, (FB & Instagram combined) you can literally laser-target your market by age, location, device, behaviors, passion, work history, etc. If your business is not actively advertising on Facebook, then you’re missing out big time. Another massive benefit with Facebook ads is that you don’t need a massive investment upfront. In fact, it’s not always a smart idea to start advertising with a huge budget from the get go. Instead, what you should do is start with $5/day (Yes, you will see results despite starting small. That’s the beauty.) Consider $5/day a testing budget. Let the ad run for 3 days, then your ad will have enough data for you to see if it’s something you should scale up or shut off completely. If your ad is profitable and running really well, then scale it up to $10/day. If it keeps improving, then move up to $20/day and so on.

facebook advertising dashboard

Non-intent traffic can be extremely powerful if you use it the right way. It can give you fast results and build a massive email list fast. So if you want to learn how to increase website traffic effectively and efficiently, I would say invest in Facebook advertising.

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3. Trust Based Traffic

how to increase website trafficIf you are able to master this traffic method, your business will literally sky-rocket. If there’s anything you’ll learn from this article about “how to increase website traffic”, customer engagement is huge. It’s golden. Trust is a huge factor in conversions. I’m sure you will agree when I say that people are more likely to buy into something when there is trust involved.

Let me give you a scenario…imagine going to a store and you’re looking for a printer. You ask the sales rep “Where can I find your best printer?”. He then leads you and points at a $350 printer (also the most expensive one). You’ll probably think “Ok, if I buy this, this guy will most likely get a commission off this. It could be a good one, but maybe not the best.” Next scenario…your friend tags you on Facebook this time talking about the same exact printer but saying that it’s the best printer he/she has ever had. Which one do you think will convert better? A sales rep saying it’s the best printer (also the most expensive) or someone you trust and have a solid relationship with referring and recommending a certain product/service to you? Obviously the one with trust already established will always win.

At the end of the day, people love sharing great deals, products and services with people they care about. Great deals excite people and the first instinct for them is to share it with their friends and family.

If you are able to get people to recommend your business to their friends and family, then it means that you’re doing something right. Find out what it is and double down on it. Give people an experience and a memory worth sharing. The better their experience and/or memory of your product/service, the more likely they are to share your products/services to their friends.

Conclusion: Finding out how to get increase website traffic is simple…

…implementing and finding out what works is the more complex part. Different things work differently for people. Test things out and always track your results. Integrate the 3 different types of traffic into your business and you will be able to get results now while building a solid long term foundation. Don’t hesitate to invest in advertising. It’s the only way you can fast-track your business. Now you know how to increase website traffic. Don’t let that knowledge go to waste…take action!

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