Email Marketing Strategies That Will Effectively Build Your Brand

Searching for email marketing strategies that will help you build your brand?

You’ve come to the right place. In today’s post, you will learn the different email marketing strategies that you can use to start building your brand.

If you want to create a solid foundation for your business and set yourself up for long-term success, then building a solid and responsive email list is the way to go. By having an email list of active subscribers, that means you literally can create traffic on demand in addition to boosting sales.

As you read through this post, you will see the true value of an email list to a business/company and how you can take precise actions that will serve your business well in the long run. At the end of the day, to really win means that you have to build something long-term. Wouldn’t you agree? By implementing the right email marketing strategies, you are able to hit multiple benefits with one stone while at the same time, build a solid foundation for the years to come.

Build your brand by using these email marketing strategies

Focus more on them

email marketing strategiesLet’s face it, people get annoyed with self-centered individuals who talk all about themselves. The more you focus and brainstorm on how you can serve others, the more people will start paying attention to what you do. When people get used to receiving emails where you’re selling all the time, eventually they will stop opening your emails.

Create balance for your subscribers. Don’t be known as the person who only sells. Get your subscribers excited to open your emails by giving something more than they’d expect. Go the extra mile a little. You can do giveaways, share blog posts, videos, ebooks, etc. As long as it’s something of value and resonates with them, you will get positive feedback.

Attract Instead Of Repel

Have you ever heard of attraction marketing? It’s one of the most powerful marketing strategies out there especially when used the right way. If you don’t know what attraction marketing is, it’s when people come to you. They are attracted to your message and vision. So instead of chasing people around trying real hard to gain subscribers or a customer, you attract people because of your company’s actions, visions, messages, culture and create a tight knit movement.

So the key here is to know your audience; especially their needs and wants. If you are able to provide an affordable and universal solution, instantly you will become attractive in their eyes. They wouldn’t hesitate to share your content and/or recommend you to their friends. If it comes to a point where you’re getting tons of referrals, you’re creating trust based traffic which is a very powerful source of traffic. We talked about that previously here.

Have A Consistent Message

People subscribe to your list for a reason. People will stay for that same exact reason. If you change your message, people will react differently. Some will stop opening emails, some will stop clicking links and some will simply unsubscribe. It’s important to always stay relevant. Whatever it is people asked for in the beginning, that’s what you focus on delivering all through out.

The more in-depth you get with a message, the more loyal subscribers you’ll get. The more loyal your subscribers, the more response you’ll get meaning whatever you send, you have a consistent number of people who always open and click the links within your emails.

Bottom-line, whatever your landing page says should be the content of your emails. If your landing page is asking subscribers to optin to receive a training video on email marketing strategies, then stay relevant. Don’t stay off course talking about a million different things. Become a specialist…not a generalist.

Create Powerful Content

email marketing strategiesHigh quality content is always king. Being able to use images the right way can be powerful. It can become viral and be very beneficial for your business. The same applies for blog posts and videos. If you are able to consistently create & deliver high quality deliver content, you’re building a solid foundation for long term success. When your content speaks to your audience, they will share it with others without any hesitations. We circle back to what is called “Trust Based Traffic where people refer their loved ones to offers/companies/content that they believe is of value.

Your goal here is to use your content to speak to your audience. Whatever it is you publish, immediately send it out to your email list first. Make that one of the major benefits for subscribing to your list. Anything that you put out, your subscribers receive it first. By carefully and strategically implementing the different email marketing strategies, you’ll be able to create a highly responsive list of subscribers which is every email marketers goal. What’s the use of having a list of 100,000 people if no one opens and/or clicks the links? Wouldn’t you agree that it’s 100X more attractive if you had a list of 10,000 people and you get a huge percentage of people open your emails, click the links and actually follow through on your call to action? Keep in mind, whatever it is people share, your brand is directly attached. Become known for something. That’s how you stand out.

Be Consistent

You can’t expect to send 1 email a month and get loyal subscribers. You need to find that sweet spot and email consistently. Usually, it’s 3-5 emails a week. That’s something you’ll need to test out. You can even email daily if you like. As long as your content is relevant and jam packed with value, people will never complain. In fact, they’ll only want more.

Set a mental timeline for your subscribers. When will they expect you to send emails? What day? What time? If you are able to do this, the moment you press “Send” people will literally flock to check out what it is you have to share with them.

Conclusion: These email marketing strategies will help you…

  • Build a responsive email list.
  • Gain loyal subscribers.
  • Generate even more leads and/or sales through trust based traffic.
  • Build a solid foundation for long term success.
  • Stand out from everyone else.
  • Get more traffic.
  • And beyond.


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