“Green” is undoubtedly the top positive buzz word on the planet. Whether green energy, growth, technology, money, or the recent emergence of the cannabis industries, it’s “AllGreen”.

Who We Are: The AllGreen Story

AllGreen was forged from a passion to help small businesses succeed, offering a custom tailored growth-map to meet each business’ profile.

Founder Brian Eaton felt the need to develop AllGreen, a unique one-stop-solution for all business growth needs from his own entrepreneurial struggles and challenges. All small business need to be well capitalized, have the ability to obtain new customers and proper guidance to grow, that’s what AllGreen does.

A consummate entrepreneur, Eaton honed his skills at marketing and sales working with large and small businesses through the lessons of their failures and successes. While reeling from his hardest business setbacks during the economic apocalypse of 2008, Eaton was followed by a horrific lawsuit in 2010 due to affiliation of predatory subprime mortgage lenders. In early 2012, Eaton started his next entrepreneurial venture in a creative digital marketing firm; shortly after, Brian was assailed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that paralyzed him from head to toe. Eaton was a permanent resident of the ICU at Mission Hospital for 139 days. He’ll always send special gratitude and love to the angels who saved his life on many occasions. Fighting through the toughest challenge of his life, Brian resolved to pursue his education in business as soon as he got better—a promise he kept good on by receiving his Masters degree in Marketing a year after his hospital release.

Eaton completed the groundwork and connected all the best B2B solution partners into a strategic network offering businesses a comprehensive solution for: business funding, customer financing, creative branding and the most advanced marketing services enabling hyper growth.