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7 Powerful B2B Marketing Strategies That Businesses Need To Be Aware Of

7 Powerful B2B Marketing Strategies That Businesses Need To Be Aware Of

You already know why you’re here. We all know how powerful social media can be for a business especially once you have B2B marketing strategies in place.We all know the power and potential of using social media marketing effectively.

A recent study done by content marketing experts, Shareaholic, shows that social media drives a jaw-dropping 31.24% of overall referral traffic. Now that is a lot of people and those numbers just keep on growing each and every day. Imagine having the potential to share your brand or service to even just a fraction of that traffic. How will that change and transform your business?

A business with solid B2B marketing strategies can easily take advantage of this trend, generate targeted traffic, leads and will be able to create a long term stable business. It’s not rocket-science. All it takes are 7 very powerful tips that you need to keep in mind and consistently implement in order to start reaping the benefits. The most common issue people face today is not having the proper knowledge and skill set in order to be effective on social media. If someone doesn’t know what they’re doing, then they won’t know how to get what they want. As marketers, we can’t guess our results. We need numbers. We need sustainability and stability. Don’t you agree? So what’s the best way to solve this issue? Education. Once people educate themselves (That’s exactly what you’re doing right now), they stay on top of trends instead of behind them.

One of the biggest issues people face is getting people to engage on their content and get users to their site. In this post, you will discover 7 very powerful B2B marketing strategies that will help you create a strong social media presence. These tips will help you in the long run when you’re looking generate traffic, capture leads and converting those leads into sales.

7 Powerful B2B Marketing Strategies That Could Transform A Business

Step 1 Branding (Who are your people? Who are you? What are you? )

Social media is all about the people so it’s only logical to make step 1, also one of the most important steps, on top of this list.

Instead of being all over the place, narrow things down and be specific. Ask yourself “Who are they?” “What type of people are they?” “What type of lives do they live?” Then go on and ask “Who are you?(Business/company)” Then ask yourself “What are you?” “What type of business do you offer and how can your products/services benefit your target audience?” It may seem crazy or time consuming to ask questions and answer them, but it’s a very important step. You need to be absolutely crystal clear with your message and your people so that you can connect and work on building a brand.

Powerful brands create emotion and meaning. That’s why some people instantly buy a certain brand because they believe in the quality and it brings up good memories for them. By buying that product/service from that brand, they already know what to expect because they’ve done it before. Now imagine if the same things could happen for you and your business. Click here to see how to make that possible.

Keep in mind, if you want better answers, you need to ask better questions. By knowing your company or business in and out, you get a clear picture on who your target market is. The more you know about your target market, the better of an idea you have on how you can better serve and provide value for them. The last thing you want to do is to waste a marketing budget. Can you imagine marketing the best steak in the world to vegetarians? That right there is an example of poor research and marketing. If you have the best steak in the world, you want to market to people who love it, right? It’s not about guessing. It’s about knowing exactly what it takes to get the results you desire by being aware of and implementing effective B2B marketing strategies.

Step 2 Increase Awareness

social media marketing strategiesA company that posts valuable content on social media every single day will always outperform a company that posts once every month. The key to increasing awareness; is value and consistency. People will always ignore messages or posts from people or businesses that they don’t know or care about. It’s your job to make them care. It’s your job to make them feel that if they missed out on a post or didn’t see it on time, they scramble to get their phones or laptops to check out what they missed out on.

The more awareness you have on social media, the more leverage and power your brand has. A lot of people struggle with this step and one of the most common reasons why is because they’re not consistent enough with taking action.

Increasing awareness is not too hard to do. Businesses increase awareness by hosting contests, giveaways, creating trends, running ads, posting valuable content or even as simple as replying to a comment. Be willing to go the extra mile for your target audience. Look for different ways on how you can stand out from the others.


Step 3 Track

Never associate guessing with your business. That’s always bad news.

In order to create a stable long term business, there are certain numbers and metrics that should be carefully observed. It’s important to keep track of what posts get the most likes, shares, comments, how long people stay on your website, how many leave and how much do I have to spend in order to acquire a new customer. Those are just a few examples of certain questions that need answers.

Whatever it is you do in your business, it’s always important to track your results. That way, you get an insider scoop on what works and what doesn’t. Based from the results, you’ll be able to tweak and see if things pick up or not. If they don’t pick up, then at least this time you’re aware of it and can do something about it.

You’ll never know if you’re making money or not if you’re not tracking so definitely do not miss out on this step.

4. Study, Learn and Teach

b2b marketing strategiesThe best way to deliver value is by sharing something that people are interested in. By knowing who your target market is and tracking your results, you should know exactly the type of content your audience enjoys. It should be your goal to stay on top of things by educating yourself, learning new concepts, techniques or skills and teaching it to your audience. The best way to do this is by creating content. It could be in the form of: images (with facts written on them), videos, webinars, blog posts, emails, podcasts, etc. The list literally goes on and on.

Once people see that you know you’re stuff, they will consider you an expert even if what you’re sharing are just the basics. It’s a huge boost for your brand, wouldn’t you think? This is also the quickest way to mastering something.

Do a little research in your niche. What are some things that people are looking for or struggling with? Come up with a list and create your content around those lists. With the internet, there is nothing impossible to find. Just always keep in mind that at the end of the day, it’s all about the customer. Ask yourself how you can deliver the most value and just do it.

Take a look at Social Media Examiner for example. See how they’re doing an amazing job just sharing high quality content that people are just hungry for?

5. Focus on Shares

It’s cool to get likes and comments but the end goal should be shares. The more shares you get, the more exposure and free traffic you get. Imagine being exposed to different circles without spending a single dime doing so? It’s all voluntary actions done by people that look up to your brand and appreciate the value that you’re delivering. According to Expanded Ramblings, males have an average of 145 friends on Facebook and females have an average of 166 friends.

The power of compounding can easily create viral content. In fact, that’s how viral content is created…by people sharing it. Make it a goal to create high quality content that people will share without any hesitation. This is without a doubt one of the most powerful B2B marketing strategies out there.

6. Your people/followers always come first

The sole purpose of a business is to create profit. We all know that. That’s why you’re reading this post learning about B2B marketing strategies, right? However, profit would never exist without your people. With that being said, your people should always come before business. Finding a way to serve and going the extra mile for your customers always pays off.

One very important aspect of a businesses is customer support. Once people feel that they are taken care of, then feel more comfortable and would not hesitate to become a part of something. According to a study, 78% of people’s purchase decisions are impacted by a company’s posts on social media. A good number of those people will inquire more about what it is you’re offering. It is important to create a good impression and always reply to questions and concerns quickly. People have shorter attention spans these days. That means, that even if you’re delayed in replying by 1 hour, you can lose 53% of your audience and never see them again.

7. Be active on top social media sites

There are many different social media sites out there. You don’t need to be on every single one of them. What’s important is to be extremely active on the top social media sites. What are the top social media sites? It’s highly recommended to have a presence on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google +, Pinterest and a newbie but vastly growing, Snapchat. By active, it means that you’re constantly sharing valuable content, creating engagement and gaining connections in the process.

Conclusion: As mentioned before, in order for all these B2B marketing strategies to actually work, you need to work. Consistency is key here. Find out what works and what creates momentum for your business and double down on that. Find out what your target market wants, follow trends and create your content around what your target market want and need.

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